APR T3100061 Stage III GTX Turbo Kit Audi and Volkswagen 2.0T TSI

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The APR T3100061 Stage 3 GTX Kit for 2.0T TSI engines makes 458 HP and 409 lb-ft of torque on 100 octane fuel with supporting mods of intake, exhaust and intercooler!

Gone are the days of compromise where low-end response meant excessive backpressure, compressor surge, and extremely limited top end performance. True to APRs mantra of Performance without Compromise the days of shredding tires on front wheel drive vehicles are rapidly disappearing thanks to the new Gold Standard in ECU torque management calibration strategies only APR can deliver. APRs endless pursuit of perfection has resulted in the most comprehensive 2.0 TSI turbocharger system in the world.

The GTX kit includes the following software highlights:

  • APR Engine Mangement

    With the significant amount of changes included in the APR Stage III GTX Turbocharger System, APRs Engineers spent months calibrating the engine management system, including hundreds of hours of in-house chassis dyno development. Drivability, gear changes, cruising and part throttle operation were tuned to operate smoothly as if intended by the OEM through proper torque management.

  • Torque Management and Traction Control

    Torque management plays a big role in how the vehicle feels and performs, especially during moments of low gear, rapid acceleration. Typically front wheel drive vehicles suffer from excessive wheel spin due to the massive torque on tap from the Stage III GTX Turbocharger System. Some drivers can find themselves in situations where they are fighting against wheel spin and traction control when they are simply interested in going forward as quickly as possible. This is further compounded by the fact the factory traction control (ASR) system was designed for vehicles producing far less power and torque, resulting in overcompensated ASR interventions.

    APRs Calibration Engineers set out to perfect torque management and traction control by minimizing wheel spin as much as possible without neutering the driving experience. With ASR enabled, forward movement wheel spin will trigger appropriate torque intervention levels to minimize spin without hurting forward acceleration. On top of this, the torque management system is fine tuned to deliver only as much torque as the tires can take. In normal conditions the tires will only slightly break loose under full acceleration, resulting in maximum acceleration. In higher traction situations, or with ASR disabled, all of the systems torque is directly on tap!

  • Acceleration Enhancements

    APRs Calibration Engineers were able to increase the acceleration rate of the vehicle. Ignition delays are reduced resulting in a more responsive pedal without altering overall throttle sensitivity and resolution. Drivability was greatly improved by reducing the throttle lag commonly noticed at slow speeds and while reapplying throttle after decelerating. APRs Motorsport Rev Limiter allows power to climb all the way to redline without dropping off several hundreds of RPM earlier. Lastly, APRs tried and tested Motorsport Launch Limiter allows the driver to focus on launching the vehicle, rather than controlling the engine speed.

The kit includes the following hardware highlights:

  • Honeywell/Garrett GTX2867R Turbocharger

    At the heart of Stage III GTX Turbocharger System is a GTX2867R turbocharger, which consists of the latest technologies from Le Mans winning turbo manufacturer, Garrett Honeywell, and has a track record of reliability and repeatability worthy of complementing an APR Turbocharger System.

    The internally gated turbocharger features a fully-machined, ten-blade billet 49.7 mm compressor wheel, Inconel 53.9 mm turbine wheel and a dual ball bearing oil and water-cooled CHRA.

    APRs Engineers spent countless hours testing turbine inlet and A/R sizes in order to decrease turbocharger lag without negatively impacting peak power. Complementing the turbos lightning fast response characteristics is a newly developed anti-surge housing, which enables APRs Calibration Engineers to deliver massive low-end torque without experiencing compressor surge.

  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Housing

    The factory engine management relies on load calculations derived from the mass airflow (MAF) sensor to properly control the engine. All too often this critical component is eliminated from turbo upgrade kits as the factory unit is small and can easily become saturated. The alternative of upgrading the unit is often not used due to the complexity of doing so. However, no task is too large for APRs Engineering Teams when the sake of reliability is brought into question, and as such APR has engineered a larger housing for use in the Stage III GTX Turbocharger System.

  • Exhaust Manifold

    Attached to the turbocharger is APRs investment-cast, super alloy, nickel-chromium-based Inconel 625 Manifold featuring APRs Sequential Exhaust Pulse runner lengths. Unlike hand welded tubular manifolds and other cheap cast materials such as iron, Inconel is a very high temperature resistant material designed to withstand extreme exhaust gas temperature changes without expanding, contracting, melting or cracking under stress. This material is typically found only at the highest levels of professional motorsport racing where reliability is essential to success.

APR T3100061 Vehicle Fitment:

* non-valvelift only

APR T3100061 Stage III Install:
Installation of the AWE Intake typically takes about 10-12 hours, professional installation is recommended.

This kit requires use of an APR CI100035 intake. (listed under "Related Products" below)
The APR MPK0003 Midpipe Exhaust System is required if the vehicle is not currently equipped with the APR DPK0002 Downpipe. (listed under "Related Products" below)
The APR IC100012 Intercooler System is required to meet the advertised power figures. (listed under "Related Products" below)
A South Bend Stage 3 daily clutch and flywheel kit is recommended for use with manual transmission vehicles. (listed under "Related Products" below)
For increased reliability and longevity, especially on vehicles running race fuel and heavily tracked, APR recommends APR MS100053 Connecting Rods and APR MS100060 Mahle Pistons.
At these power levels upgrades of the braking and suspension system are highly recommended.

APR products are warranted to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship prior to installation. This warranty does not cover labor, misuse, faulty installation, failure of related parts or parts purchased other than from APR, LLC.
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