Audi 078 105 266 N OEM Flywheel and Pilot Bearing for Audi 2.7T

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This OEM Audi 078 105 266N Flywheel is made by LuK and fits all of the 6-speed equipped Audi 2.7t engines. Includes pilot bearing.

This is a brand new (not resurfaced!) flywheel, perfect for those whose existing flywheels are too damaged to be resurfaced or those who have no access to a machine shop capable of resurfacing the Audi 2.7t flywheel. This dual mass flywheel ensures no chatter as some aftermarket flywheels can have.

Audi 078 105 266N Flywheel Vehicle Fitment:

New N 907 059 01 Flywheel bolts (Qty 8) are recommended when installing or re-installing the flywheel!

078 105 266N
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