AutoPolar Polar FIS Advanced Dashboard Display Audi and VW

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The AutoPolar Polar FIS is a plug and play inline module that delivers detailed vehicle parameters to the MFA/FIS screen on your dashboard. This innovation plugs inline to the Body Control Module to offer detailed diagnostics from the CAN-BUS. No need for countless gauges on your dash, A-pillar, vents or center console anymore. The Polar-FIS delivers real time information so you can access the data when you want it. Over 140 parameters are accessible with the ability to show up to 20 selected parameters over 5 screens.

Real time data is crucial when things start to go bad in your vehicle not to mention the buffers the factory builds into the algorithms like the difference in speed displayed on the speedo vs actual speed. The Polar-FIS pulls the true data prior to entering the algorithm and displays the real-time information.

This is the 2016 Edition that has plastic black case and KESSY Range Extended for vehicles with keyless entry and engine start.

Polar FIS Vehicle compatibility:

Other Features include:

  • POLAR Advanced FIS supports OEM bluetooth and Fiscon bluetooth, unlike other products, POLAR Advanced FIS does not use the Bluetooth menu in the FIS, but creates a new menu called Advanced POLAR FIS.
  • Customize menu names (up to 10 characters)
  • Disable the POLAR Advanced FIS screen making the unit undetectable when taking the car to the dealership. Pressing the OK button on the steering wheel or windshield wiper lever for 10 seconds reactivates display.
  • Automatic temperature units (° C, ° F), Speed (kmh / mph) and Size (Litres / Gallons) selected in the FIS.
  • Manual selection of the units in which you want to display the parameters relating to pressure. Automatic, mbar, bar, PSI.
  • Multi-function steering wheel / Wiper stalk control.
  • Ability to setup the number of blinks of convenience signal lights* (up to 10 blinks).
  • Automatic passenger mirror auto tilt option after engagement reverse gear as a parking aid **.
  • Activation of vehicle functions normally only possible with a diag cable and software.
  • TV-Free in Motion function.
  • Customizable steering wheel keys and windshield wiper lever.
  • Modification of the sensitivity of the rain sensor.
  • Modification of the sensitivity of the light sensor.
  • Enable / Disable American DRL.
  • Enable / Disable daytime running lights.
  • Enable / Disable cornering aid lights (using fog lights).
  • Enable / Disable second rear fog light (when bulb is installed).
  • Enable / Disable automatic doors lock from 15 km/h.
  • Enable / Disable automatic closing by rain.
  • Enable / Disable one touch closing windows.
  • Enable / Disable hazard warning in case of sudden braking.

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