Fuchs Fuchsfelge Forged 19" Black Wheel Set Porsche

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Fuchs Wheels have always been a staple addition on Porsche 911's during the 60s, but their legend continues today. With their lightweight construction and superior design, these forged aluminum wheels provide the best of performance and classic beauty.

Fuchsfelge are forged from high-grade aluminum alloy, making them stronger, lighter, and more resilient than any other cast wheels. With their high-grade craftsmanship, Fuchs wheels reduce unsprung weight to provide better handling and driving performance. The great thing about these wheels is that they don't crack when damaged, which provides a greater safety margin than cast aluminum wheels.

Famous for their windmill design, Fuchs wheels have become the trademark of almost every Porsche models ever since their creation. With their authentic design and remarkable surface finish, Fuchs wheels are a must-have for all Porsche enthusiasts.


  • Satin Black Finish with an Anodized Lip
  • Uses OEM Porsche ball seat lug bolts
  • Accepts OEM Porsche centercaps
  • Superior quality and strength
  • Forged aluminum alloy
  • Guaranteed fitment
  • TPMS compatible
  • TUV approved
  • High strength


  • 19x8.5" ET56 Front 23.1 Lbs
  • 19x11.0" ET51 Rear 26.3 Lbs


  • 987
  • 996
  • 997

Fuchs Wheels are a closeout item and as such no product warranty applies.
36691 / 36692
19 inch diameter
satin black
all wheels
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