H&R 29990-3 Street Coilover Kit Audi B5 A4 Sedan FWD

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H&R 29990-3 Street Performance Coilovers feature a fully-threaded shock body (not an imitation sleeve-over or cartridge insert) that allows you to precisely dial in height adjustment to achieve optimum weight transfer, or simply get the aggressive look you've been looking for. Featuring H&R's exclusive dynamic damper technology, each shock is engineered to work in harmony with a progressive-rate spring, together creating a finely-tuned suspension system. All H&R products are 100% made in Germany and exceed ISO quality assurance standards.

H&R 29990-3 Suspension Height:
H&R Street Coilover kits allow for height adjustability. This allows the vehicle to be set to a ride height of your exact preference or to be set up for the best handling possible.

Adjustment range:

  • Front 1.6-2.5" lower than stock
  • Rear 1.3-2.0" lower than stock

H&R 29990-3 Coilover Vehicle Fitment:
This H&R Coilover kit is designed to fit the following vehicles.


  • 1996 Audi A4 Sedan FWD
  • 1997 Audi A4 Sedan FWD
  • 1998 Audi A4 Sedan FWD
  • 1999 Audi A4 Sedan FWD
  • 2000 Audi A4 Sedan FWD
  • 2001 Audi A4 Sedan FWD

H&R Coilover Dampers:
H&R Street Performance suspension kits have plated steel shock bodies to provide corrosion protection while allowing heat to dissipate faster than a stainless steel body. Mono-tube gas shocks are used to better control damping and provide stable damping characteristics in all situations. Mono-tube shocks are lighter than comparable twin-tube shocks to minimize unsprung weight. H&R damper bodies are a true threaded shock body for better heat dissipation than suspension kits utilizing damper inserts in a threaded housing.

Advantages of Mono-tube gas shocks:

  • Stable damping characteristics are possible due to the larger oil capacity and improved heat dissipation.
  • The larger piston valve creates a wider area to receive pressure and allow fine damping control.
  • Oil and gas are completely separated, preventing aeration and cavitation.
  • Oil radiates heat through direct contact with the threaded shock body.
  • Unsprung weight is minimized.

H&R Coilover Springs:
H&R Coilovers use progressive rate main springs crafted from a special (hf) 54SiCr6 spring steel to ensure premium quality and performance. The springs are also shot-peened which increases their life by over 200%. Progressive springs gradually increase spring rate as the spring compresses. This increasing rate allows progressive springs to be soft over small road imperfections and transitions and stiffen up during hard braking and cornering. They are a great compromise between high performance when driving hard, while providing comfortable ride quality during normal driving.

Advantages of progressive springs:

  • Soft over uneven pavement to provide comfort.
  • Firm during hard cornering to provide driver feedback and control.

Some H&R coilover kits use main springs which have dead or inactive coils that act as a tender spring. These are the coils of the main springs that are very close to each other and completely compress when loaded. When you increase the spring rate and lower the vehicle the spring needs to be shorter than the original. However the springs should not be loose in the spring perches when the suspension is fully extended. These dead or inactive coils prevent that from happening.

Some H&R coilover kits use secondary helper springs to keep the main spring tight between the perches when the suspension is at full droop. They "help" keep the main spring snug, if you will. A helper spring is two to four inches long uncompressed and has a very soft rate of about 25 lbs/in, just strong enough to push the main spring against the perch.

H&R Coilover Install:
Installation of H&R Street Coilovers typically takes 4-6 hours. Basic hand tools and a spring compressor are necessary for installation. Please observe all safety precautions and follow proper installation guidelines while working on your vehicle. Additional suspension components may be needed in some applications, depending upon the make, model, engine and chassis of the vehicle. We typically recommend setting coilovers for a half inch gap between the top of the tire and the top of the fender lip for a good compromise between looks, performance and comfort. The optimal ride height for performance may be different than the optimal ride height for comfort. The optimal ride height for looks is up to the owners preference. Achtuning recommends waiting 1 week after install for the suspension to "settle" before alignment.

H&R Coilover Warranty:
H&R Street Performance Coil Overs, Street Performance SS Coil Overs, and Premium Performance Coil Overs are covered by a 2 year warranty to the original purchaser. Please note the included H&R tech sheet showing the allowable adjustment range, using the kit outside of this range will void the H&R warranty.

Lowering height may vary on vehicles optionally equipped with factory sport suspensions or different engine configurations.

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