Hartmann Metal Hubcentric Ring Set 66.56mm OD - 57.10mm ID

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Hubcentric rings are used to match the centerbore of the wheel to the hub diameter of the vehicle in instances where the two are not the same diameter. Hub centric rings allow the wheel to be more precisely centered on the hub which reduces the chance of vibration issues. Hub rings are inserted into the back of the wheel before the wheel is installed on the vehicle.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Outside Diameter: 66.56mm
  • Inside Diameter: 57.10mm
  • Total thickness: 9.5mm
  • Outer Flare: 1mm x 45 degrees
  • Inner Bevel: 2.5mm x 45 degrees

Hubcentric Rings Vehicle Fitment:
These rings are for vehicles with a hub diameter of 57.1mm attempting to fit wheels with a 66.56mm centerbore.

RING 66.56-57.1 METAL
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