Kayser 3.023.348 Diverter Valve Audi and Volkswagen

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The Kayser 3.023.348 Diverter Valve is the upgraded factory valve from the Mk1 Audi TT 225HP (Audi part #06A 145 710N). This valve features an upgraded internal diaphragm which is more heat resistant and stiffer than other OEM diverter valves. For vehicles with an ECU upgrade an upgraded Diverter Valve is a must have. This valve will give 3-5 years of trouble free performance, even on engines modified up to stage 3.

Kayser 3.023.348 Diverter Valve Vehicle Fitment:

Kayser 3.023.348 Diverter Valve Construction:
The Kayser 3.023.348 valve has a plastic housing with a spring loaded internal diaphragm operated by a pressure differential between vacuum and boost pressure.

Advantages of a diaphragm type valve:

      • Faster response
      • Zero maintenance

Kayser 3.023.348 Diverter Valve Install:
Installation of Diverter Valve(s) typically takes about an hour. Basic hand tools are necessary for installation, a flexible shaft nut-driver, pick, and crimp clamp pliers are the preferred tools. Please observe all safety precautions and follow proper installation guidelines while working on your vehicle.

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