Motul RBF 600 Synthetic Brake Fluid

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Motul 600 is the ultimate high performance brake fluid. Motul RBF600 synthetic fluid has a higher boiling point than stock fluid for operation in racing conditions. The boiling points are 312 Degrees C/593 Degrees F dry (fresh) and 216 Degrees C/420 Degrees F wet (fluid which has absorbed water). Brake fluid plays a big part in keeping your brake pedal firm by maximizing the hydraulic pressure to the caliper. Motul Synthetic 600 degree exceeds DOT 4 specifications and gives you the added benefit of a fluid which is more dense and has a higher boiling point than normal DOT 3 or 4 brake fluids. This is a pure synthetic, not silicone, brake fluid that is designed for racing standards and everyday use. Motul brake fluid is highly recommended by Achtuning and major tuners throughout the world.
Approximately 3 500ml bottles are necessary for a complete flush. Achtuning recommends that brake fluid be flushed every 24 months on a street driven car and more often for track use.

Due to FAA regulations brake fluid is not able to be shipped via air freight and must be sent with ground shipping.

This product is considered to be a consumable item, as such no product warranty applies.
RBF 600
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