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South Bend K70619 Clutch Kit Audi B8 3.0T and 4.2L

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South Bend K70619 Clutch Kits are offered in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. These kits are designed to be used with a new or resurfaced factory Dual Mass flywheel.

South Bend K70619 Clutch Kit Vehicle Fitment:

Kit Variations:

  • STAGE 2 DAILY - K70619-HD-O - up to 395 Ft-Lbs:
    Engineered for HP modifications. The stage 2 pressure plate has an increased clamp load with little increase in pedal pressure. The organic disc material has a high metal content that increases the coefficient of friction by two times over a stock lining and increases rotational strength up to a 12,000 RPM burst point. This clutch system maintains a stock feel while offering strength and durability.
    Recommended usage is daily, street and moderate race.
  • STAGE 2 ENDURANCE - K70619-HD-OCE - up to 430 Ft-Lbs:
    This clutch system is designed for the racing climate. The pressure plate is precision balance for vibration free operation at high RPM. The pressure plate fulcrum is altered for a positive disengagement and a quick shift. The disc is engineered with a dual damped design to provide accurate control when accelerating through corners. The friction material is a hybrid using a full face feramic (sintered iron) lining on the flywheel side and a high metal content organic lining on the pressure plate side. Engagement is positive yet buffered due to the high graphite content unique to feramic facings.
    Recommended uses are daily and street with an emphasis on rally and endurance racing.
  • STAGE 2 DRAG - K70619-HD-B - up to 500 Ft-Lbs:
    This system features a heavy duty pressure plate modified for a puck style disc with no cushion between the linings to keep the clutch pedal travel short and quick. The puck design disc reduces rotational mass and total drive surface area while increasing pounds per square inch on the surface of the friction material. This combination minimizes inertia, accelerating the transfer of torque from the engine to the wheels. The friction material used for this race application is graphite impregnated ceramic. This compound exceeded all other friction materials when testing for durability, reduced chatter, heat transfer and torque capacity.
    Recommended uses are drag racing, drifting and limited street.

South Bend Clutch Kit Manufacturing:
South Bend Clutch Kits are Manufactured in South Bend Indiana, USA, from top quality materials.

South Bend Clutch Kit Install:
Professional installation recommended. These clutches are designed to be installed with a new or resurfaced OEM dual mass flywheel.

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