SuperPro RC0001FHZ-30 30mm Hollow Adjustable Front Sway Bar and Link Kit Chevrolet SS and Pontiac G8

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SuperPro RC0001FHZ-30KIT Roll Control Sway Bar Kit

Hollow Chrome Moly Steel for reduced unsprung weight.

The ultimate handling package! Fitting larger sway bars has two main effects on vehicle balance in terms of understeer and oversteer and increased roll resistance. Both these effects provide increased tire contact and grip for a vehicle. SuperPro Adjustable sway bar Links eliminate sway bar link flex, adjust in neutral sway bar positioning, and maximize all positions on the adjustable sway bars. All this will give the vehicle balanced and upgraded tire contact and dynamic grip which delivers the ultimate handling package for your vehicle! From our testing, this is what we recommend as a good starting point: Scenario one is to set both bars to the hardest setting and is ideal for a vehicle with standard suspension, wheels and tires. Scenario two is to set the front to the soft setting and the rear to the hardest setting and is ideal for a vehicle with sport springs or wider tires. Scenario three is to set both bars to the soft setting and is ideal for a vehicle fitted with a coilover kit or sports suspension pack.

Included Components: 1 Sway Bar, 2 Bushings, 2 Links

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