SuperPro SPF2966BK 165mm Sway Bar Link Rod and Bushing Kit Toyota Hilux

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SuperPro SPF2966BK Sway Bar Link and Bushing Kit

Worn sway bar link bushings lead to rattling or clunking, especially when cornering or going over uneven pavement. Worn link bushings can also reduce sway bar performance by allowing slop between the movement of the control arm and movement of the sway bar ends. Bushings in these locations are often subject to oil or oil vapors from engine leaks, as well as a large amount of salt and debris from the road; these factors can harden and deteriorate rubber bushings rapidly. SuperPro end links can be used in place of that hard to find O.E. link and are designed to maximize the benefit of adjustable sway bars. An upgrade to SuperPro bushings and adjustable end links can eliminate noise, improve sway bar performance and enhance handling.

165mm Total length, Thread length each end 65mm.

Included Components: 8 Nuts, 2 Rods, 8 Washers, 8 Bushings

All SuperPro Suspension Bushings, Sway Bars and Suspension Arms are covered by a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser and includes off-road, track and competition use. Ball Joints & Tie Rod Ends - are covered by a 3 Year/60000km Warranty.
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