SuperPro SPF4178K Caster Adjustable Front Rearward Control Arm Bushings Audi and Volkswagen

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The SuperPro SPF4178K Control arm bushings replace the soft squishy OEM bushings. The upgraded SuperPro bushings deflect less during cornering which allows the suspension to better maintain the camber, caster, and toe settings. This provides crisper turn in, better feedback and response and less tire wear. The center of these bushings is offset which increases the caster by .5 degrees per side.

SuperPro SPF4178K Bushing Vehicle Fitment:

SuperPro Bushing Manufacturing:
SuperPro Bushings utilize their proprietary Polyelast, an Elastomer and Polyurethane blend which simultaneously reduces compliance while still providing excellent noise and vibration isolation.

SuperPro Bushings Install:
Installation of the SuperPro Bushings requires control arm removal and for the OEM bushings to be pressed out, professional installation is recommended. An alignment will be needed after installation.

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