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The TVS Personal Flasher allows purchase and flashing at home of TVS ECU and TCU programming up to Stage 2+. The TVS home flasher will need to be connected to a laptop or desktop running Windows 8 or newer with TVS flashing software downloaded and installed. A USB cable is connected from the computer to the TVS dongle which connects to the vehicles diagnostic port located under the drivers side dashboard. We recommend reading through the user manual to make sure you are comfortable with the process before purchase.

TVS Flasher Vehicle Compatibility:

Flashing software will need to be downloaded from before vehicle programming can commence. There will be a dropbox login field on the page:
Username: tvsflash
Password: flasherTVS321!

If flashing with a PC we recommend use of a UPS (battery backup) to ensure that the flash is not interrupted by a power failure.

Click here to download the TVS Personal Flasher Manual.

TVS Software flashes have a 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee. We encourage that the tunes be installed Monday - Wednesday if you are unsure if the tune is perfect for your needs.
TVS Personal Flasher
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