TVS TCU Software Flash Tuning Audi DL501 Gen 2 7-Speed DSG

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TVS has specialized in tuning DSG transmissions since 2005. They offer tailored tiers of upgrades to the DSG transmission so that you can match the tune to your engine power and driving preferences. The TVS DSG tune is offered in the following stages:

Drivability Upgrade:

  • Optimized Shift Programs in all Driving Modes
  • Optimized Cruise Control Program
  • Improved Thermal Management
  • Improved Clutch Cooling
  • Optional 1st Gear De- or Re-enabling

Stage 1:

  • Raised torque handling to 600Nm (443 Lb-ft)

Stage 2:

  • Raised Torque Handling to 700Nm (516 Lb-ft)
  • Increased Maximum Clutch Pressure to 14-15 Bar
  • Necessary Torque Limiters Raised
  • Quicker Gear Changes in All Driving Modes
  • Improved Shift Paddle Response
  • Improved Take Off in All Driving Modes
  • Improved Torque Reduction in All Driving Modes
  • Customizable Upshift Points Up to 8,000 RPM
  • Customizable Downshift Points
  • Optional Full Manual M Mode
    • Automatic Upshift Deactivation
    • Automatic Downshift Deactivation
    • Kickdown Deactivation
  • Improved Launch Control Response Time
  • Multi Step Launch Control RPM Limits
  • Launch Control Settings per Each Driving Mode
  • Enable Launch Control With ESP On

Stage 2+:

  • All Benefits of Stage 2 incl Drivability Upgrade
  • Enables Gear Display in MFA
  • Reduced Engine Braking
  • Coasting Disabling

Stage 3:

  • Includes All Benefits of Stage 2+
  • Raised Torque Handling to 800Nm (590 Lb-ft)
  • Increased Maximum Clutch Pressure to 18-19 Bar
  • Optional Race Mode Without Torque Reduction

Stage 4:

  • Includes All Benefits of Stage 3
  • Raised Torque Handling to 1000Nm (738 Lb-ft)
  • Unique Modifications for DSG Race Clutch
    • Special Clutch Characteristics Calibration
    • Special Anti-judder Take Off Functionality

TVS Audi DL501 TCU Upgrade Vehicle Fitment:

Installation can be performed at our facility, we will need to scan the TCU to request a file from TVS, this process takes about 15 minutes. Once the file is scanned and sent to TVS a tune will be developed that is typically available the next business day, installation of the tune takes about 60 minutes.

TVS Software flashes have a 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee. We encourage that the tunes be installed Monday - Wednesday if you are unsure if the tune is perfect for your needs.
DL501 G2 Drivability Upgrade
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