APR Pendulum Mount Upgrade

Posted on February 12, 2016 – 8:00 am

The APR Pendulum mount replaces the factory mount with a new, thick, billet-aluminum two-piece design, featuring a PTFE-lined spherical bearing and ARP bolts. The system stiffens the driveline to improve shift quality and power transition, while addressing the common and costly factory failure point at the transmission mounting location. It is easy to install, addresses all concerns with the factory setup and includes all necessary hardware to bolt on and enjoy!

Quick Facts:

  • Reduces transmission movement
    By removing the factory rubber bushing, the APR system reduces slop in the driveline to improve shifts, and transmission of power to the ground. Expect a sportier feel during acceleration, deceleration and gear changes without an excessive increase in NVH when paired with the factory sub-frame mount.
  • Reduces transmission failure
    The factory rear mounting point was upgraded to the new MQB / MK7 platform style mount as the older design was prone to failure under heavy use. Because of the new design’s mounting orientation, the system is far less likely to tear out or break the rear bolts, which typically results in costly repairs or full transmission case replacement.
  • Spherical bearing
    Spherical bearings offer far less unwanted movement over rubber and polyurethane inserts. As such, the APR mount uses a spherical bearing, made possible by upgrading the rear mounting hardware. The bearing is fully-serviceable, features a heat-treated race and precision-ground ball, with a self-sealing and self-lubricating PTFE lining.
  • Billet aluminum construction
    The front and rear pieces replace the factory cast aluminum and stamped steel pieces with precisely machined, billet-aluminum pieces that are both lightweight and strong. Each piece is anodized black to provide corrosion resistance and the APR logo is laser etched on each side.
  • ARP Bolts
    The factory bolts are one-time-use, and must be replaced when installing a new mount. The APR system includes non-one-time-use ARP bolts for their strength, quality and longevity over the factory bolts.
  • Easy to install
    The system is easy to install, doesn’t require dropping the sub-frame and is compatible with the factory and factory-like modified sub-frame mounts. Full install directions are included with each system.

Application Guide: All MK5/MK6 Golf/GTI/Jetta and similar platform vehicles. (1.8T and 2.0T Engines)

MS100106 – $249.99

Q: “How is this any different or better than any other pendulum bracket out there?”
A: “The first thing we did was upgrade the rear mounting point to the MK7 style mount. It’s the shorter chunk on the back of the mount:

This is the same design used on the MK7 Golf R. VAG upgraded to this design as the previous design was prone to failure. Every other mount out there uses the OEM style in one way or another. Most just replace it with a flat piece of billet. The issue is when launching the car or driving really hard, it’s easy to rip the bolts out and damage or destroy the transmission case. We did it countless times on the race cars. The new design all but eliminates this from happening.

Second, most everything on the market uses some sort of poly bushing. Poly bushings still allow flex and they can wear quickly. We went with a high quality PTFE lines spherical bearing. Spherical bearings create a solid connection but still allow the necessary movement which stiffens the mount up far more than a poly bushing. The bearing is fully serviceable. Do note, the reason you can’t just install a solid piece of billet is there must be movement. A spherical bearing give you that smooth movement, whereas the factory and upgraded poly mounts provide the movement by essentially bending and squishing the connection points within the rubber/poly core.

Third, we’re using ARP bolts, the leading bolt manufacturer in the racing world. (Not APR). The factory bolts are one time use. If you remove them, they are designed to go in the trash. Some don’t provide replacement the bolts at all. they are strong and can be used countless times without replacement.