What Achtuning means

Our name is derived from the German word "ACHTUNG", which translates to attention or respect in English. Combine "Achtung" with the word "Tuning" and you have Achtuning ... pronounced 'Ock-tuning'. If you own a German car, take a look inside your engine compartment sometime; you'll find "Achtung!" all over the engine bay!


Achtuning was founded in 2001 by Joshua Decker and Ben Moses. It all started with a shift knob that Joshua began to import from Germany and sell online. Soon after, he found himself importing everything from turbos to complete RS4 body kits. This hobby turned into a full time passion and Achtuning was born. Josh began his German-car journey with his first VW, a 1986 VW Jetta GLI. Since then he has owned numerous Audi and VW models. Josh sold Achtuning to Bill Spencer, owner of Hartmann Wheels, in 2006. "This is a great opportunity for everyone involved," Josh said about the sale of the business. "Bill has the resources and solid customer service reputation needed to see the Achtuning brand achieve it's full potential. I'm sad to leave but I'm excited to know that the name I created will live on and become the success I always imagined it could be." In 2009 Josh founded a new internet forum for Audi enthusiasts, QuattroWorld (www.quattroworld.com) which is one of the top Audi forums on the internet.

Current Ownership

Achtuning is currently owned by Bill Spencer of Hartmann Wheels. With more than 3 decades of professional experience tuning German cars Bill quickly turned Achtuning into the power house it is today. He has owned an innumerable number of German cars and is comfortable working on any of them. Bill's latest projects include an RS3 engined VW alltrack further tuned with varts from our vendors, putting to the test the quality parts offered through Achtuning.

What we do

Achtuning specializes in the distribution and installation of quality parts from APR, Centric Parts, Girodisc, H&R, Hartmann Wheels, and StopTech. We are the largest stocking distributor of these quality brands, keeping our inventory on site for immediate shipment or installation for the benefit of our customers, the European car community. Unlike the typical online parts store, Achtuning has a physical store front in Redmond, WA (very close to the Microsoft campus) to offer a complete range of services for our European car enthusiasts. We’ve even expanded Internationally with an Achtuning store in Korea! Because of our “brick and mortar” facilities and dedication to keeping parts on hand for the benefit of our customers, we have been established as top distributors of the quality brands we offer!

Our Facility

Our 27,000 square foot Redmond Washington facility houses our offices, retail showroom, main warehouse, and 7 lift installation bay. We stock an extremely high volume of parts here, more than almost every other European shop in the US, so orders can be shipped out at once. We have the stock level, capital reserves, and strong manufacturer relations to process your order without delay.


Achtuning has a staff of 10, every one of our staff own one or more German cars and everyone here has some experience working on them.

Community support

Achtuning is a proud sponsor of many local shows and events. We also sponsor several online forums such as Audizine.com, QuattroWorld.com and VWVortex.com. Achtuning is a sponsor of ACNW, Audi Club Northwest, the largest Audi enthusiast community in the PNW. ACNW offers many track days, driving instruction and other fun events for Audi enthusiasts.