We are looking for the best of the best. We strive to deliver the best quality product to our clients and we need more team members to help. We are looking for technicians that preferably have dealer experience and/or at least 2+ years at a European specialized independent shop.


  • No weekends
  • 40 hours guarantee
  • Team bonus on every hour billed
  • No dealership drama or politics
  • Paid vacation
  • Benefits for full time
  • Continuous education
  • Amazing cars that you'll love working on
  • Specialized equipment and tools provided
  • Fully furnished gym on site

All of this leads to excellent quality of life away from the red tape of a dealership. We are absolutely slammed with work and have been for the past 10 years, we just need more professionals to share it with! We have 13,000 sq/ft of work space, 6 Rotary lifts, Hunter 4-wheel alignment machine, Hunter tire machine and balancer, and always a clean working space. We have the majority of special tools that are required to work on German import vehicles, we just need the talent to put them to use!