APR MS100199 Catch Can System Audi and Volkswagen MQB

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The APR MS100199 Oil Catch Can System is designed to prevent excessive crankcase oil vapors from entering the intake system while the engine is under boost. In doing so, the system helps reduce oil pooling in the intercooler hoses, carbon buildup on intake valves, and the decrease in octane caused by oil vapors.

During an engine's combustion process extreme cylinder pressure is created. Some of this pressure ultimately becomes blow by gasses when it escapes the seal of the piston rings. As a result, crankcase pressure is generated and to prevent damage this pressure must be vented. Thanks to boost pressure, turbocharged engines produce more cylinder pressure than naturally aspirated engines. In turn, the requirement to effectively manage crankcase pressure is increased. More so, an increase in horsepower over stock comes through an increase in cylinder pressure, exacerbating the issue even further.

The factory system alleviates the pressure through a positive crankcase ventilation system, or PCV. Under light engine load, the PCV uses vacuum to help draw the gasses out of the crankcase and utilizes a cyclonic separator to draw the oil out of the gas. Boost pressure and extreme heat is applied directly to the diaphragms within the PCV valve, as well as the factory activated charcoal filter solenoid, or N80 valve. The diaphragms can fail over time, causing massive boost leaks and over pressurization of the engine crankcase. The N80 valve can’t hold back the pressure, causing a boost leak into the activated charcoal filter. During heavy engine load, when boost pressure is present, that portion of the PCV is blocked off via a check valve and the gasses are sent directly to the inlet of the turbocharger. During this stage, little separation occurs and significant oil vapor is allowed to enter the intake tract which can cause the following:

  • Reduced performance caused by a decrease in octane from oil vapors mixing with the air / fuel mixture.
  • Reduced performance caused by a decrease in airflow from excessive carbon buildup on intake valves.
  • Pooling of oil in the turbo, intercooler, intake tract hoses and manifold.

Unlike many catch can designs on the market, the APR system utilizes a track-proven four-staged baffling system. The baffles cause oil to pool at the bottom of the can, rather than the intercooler hoses. APRs brutal track testing has proven the system works as designed, catching oil in the can and leaving the return hose clean to the touch!

Removing the oil is a cinch! No tools or can removal/disassembly are required thanks to a quick drain valve and hose conveniently located at the bottom of the can. Furthermore, servicing the can is simple, thanks to the billet two piece design.

Benefits of the APR MS100199 Oil Catch Can System:

  • Drains in seconds
    No need for tools, removal/disassembly to drain the can.
  • Four-stage baffling system
    Excellent oil droplet capturing properties.
  • Compact, two-piece billet design
    Easy disassembly for recommended annual cleaning.
  • Abrasion resistant Buna-N lines
    Resists oil degradation, kinks and abrasion with an OEM appearance.
  • OEM Norma fittings
    Makes install and removal simple with an OEM appearance.
  • Discrete hose routing
    Hoses are routed out of sight for an attractive install.
  • Catches oil
    Oil pools in the can, not in the intercooler piping.
  • Reduces carbon buildup
    Fewer oil vapors entering the intake tract reduces carbon buildup.
  • Increase performance
    Helps to reduce airflow restrictions and octane robbing oil vapors.

APR MS100199 Catch Can System Vehicle Fitment:

APR MS100199 Manufacturing:
The APR catch can is a two piece anodized billet aluminum design with an internal four stage baffle. The lines are constructed from Buna-N for abrasion resistance and feature Norma fittings for direct fitment on the OEM bungs. The PCV is made from a billet aluminum top-plate with a T304 stainless steel oil separator.

APR MS100199 Catchcan Install:
Some vehicles have the washer fluid reservoir installed by the engine motor mount which will block the install of the catch can. The APR MS100199-A washer reservoir replaces the factory fill neck to allow installation of the catch can system. APR uses OEM Norma fittings for a direct snap fit to the OEM connection bungs. Installation requires modifying an OEM PCV hose. Basic hand tools are necessary for installation, a -10, non-marring aluminum AN wrench is recommended as well. On some models it may be necessary to trim the back of the engine cover for the catch can hose to the turbo inlet pipe. Please observe all safety precautions and follow proper installation guidelines while working on your vehicle. APR MS100199 Install Manual

APR products are warranted to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship prior to installation. This warranty does not cover labor, misuse, faulty installation, failure of related parts or parts purchased other than from APR, LLC. This warranty extends to the original purchaser for as long as they own the vehicle and the APR product.
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