No Cruise Crapping!

Posted on March 12, 2013 – 10:25 pm

We’d like to take this opportunity and remind everyone that the Port Townsend Cruise is a charity event.  Not a single penny goes into the organizers’ pockets, not even to cover the cost to put on the cruise!  Such costs include but are not limited to facility rental, staffing, and insurance at Pacific Raceways in addition to event permits and insurance for the City of Port Townsend.  As host to the Port Townsend Cruise, Achtuning covers 100% of these costs for the benefit of the entire Pacific Northwest European car enthusiast community.

Each year there are individuals, groups, or organizations that feel it is acceptable to promote their own business or product, using the efforts of the PTC organizing committee and funds put up by Achtuning to their beneift.  This tactic of poaching off our event is something we now call “cruise crapping” and is not acceptable.  Know that we have no reservations in calling out those who choose to take advantage of this charity event.

We understand the need to promote one’s business.  That said, we do allow “raffle sponsors” to participate by donating an item for the Port Townsend Cruise raffle. Your prize must be approved by Port Townsend Cruise organizers for consideration and when approved, your business name will appear on the “Raffle Sponsors” page. Raffle winners will be announced on blog after the cruise. Please send an email to with subject, “Port Townsend Cruise Raffle Sponsor” and let us know what you’d like to offer up for the raffle drawing.  No further business promotion or product sales can occur outside of Pacific Raceways or within the City of Port Townsend. If you represent a business and would like to contact us about these sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to with subject, “Port Townsend Cruise Raffle Sponsor”.  Do the stand up thing and make the small donation to the charity and support the community that supports you!