Dinan D330-0021 Dual Core Intercooler BMW

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The Dinan D330-0021 Dual Core Intercooler significantly increases total volume and face area, substantially reducing the pressure drop to 0.8 psi, as well as providing more efficient heat exchange. A shroud runs between the two cores to prevent the waste heat from the primary core effecting the secondary core.

Dinan D330-0021 Intercooler Vehicle Fitment:

Does not fit convertible models or vehicles equipped with Active Cruise Control.

Dinan Intercooler Manufacturing:
The Dinan intercooler is fully aluminum with CNC machined inlet and outlet ports to couple to the factory hose connectors.

Dinan Intercooler Installation

The system has been engineered as a direct replacement for the stock unit, some trimming of the radiator shroud is necessary. Dinan D330-0021 Intercooler Install Instructions.

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