H&R 3655668 5x112 DR 66mm CB 18mm Wheel Spacer Pair Audi

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H&R Wheel Spacers are the answer if you need more brake clearance or just want a more aggressive look from your wheels. H&R spacers are hubcentric for a perfect fit and no vibration. H&R DR series spacers fit between the wheel and hub, using longer wheel bolts (sold separately).

H&R 3655668 Spacer Measurements:

  • Bolt Pattern: 5x112
  • Thickness: 18mm
  • Outside Diameter: 149mm
  • Hub Diameter: 66.56mm
  • Bore Diameter: 66.56mm
  • Bore Depth: Accepts up to 16mm hub height
  • Chamfer: 3mm 45 degrees

H&R Spacer Vehicle Fitment:
Audi Fitments
Porsche Fitments

H&R Spacer Manufacturing:
H&R spacers are crafted from an incredibly strong and light weight proprietary aluminum/magnesium alloy. The spacers are hard anodized to ensure a tough, durable finish that is resistant to chipping, scratching and oxidation.

Determining Appropriate Spacer Thickness:

  • Place a straight edge vertically on the face of the wheel and tire touching the tire in two spots to keep the straight edge parallel.
  • Using a measuring device with millimeter units, measure from the inside of the straight edge to the inner fender lip.

Determining Appropriate Lug Bolt Length:

Remove one lug bolt and measure the length from the end of the threads to the bottom of the seat, add the spacer thickness to the bolt length. (Stock length + spacer thickness = new bolt length)

H&R Spacer Install:

  • Clean hubs of rust or other foreign material with a wire brush.
  • Confirm the spacer fits flush to the mounting surface of the wheel and to the hub, there should be no gap. (If the spacer does not sit flush against either surface do not install it, a spacer with a different configuration should be chosen)
  • Be sure that you are using the correct ball seat or cone seat lugs for the wheel.
  • Confirm the lugs are the proper length by threading a single bolt in by hand and counting the rotations until seated, you should get 7 rotations, then rotate the wheel slowly to ensure it turns freely.
  • Install spacers and wheels in the air, using the brakes to stop the wheel from turning and torque the lugs to 89 Ft-Lbs first in a star pattern, followed by a circle.
  • Re-torque the lugs after 50 miles.

In our experience properly installed H&R spacers will never cause a vibration. They may make an existing vibration issue from off-balance wheels or worn suspension components more noticeable however.

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