NGK BKR8EIX Iridium IX Spark Plug Set

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NGK BKR8EIX Iridium spark plugs are recommended for highly tuned 2.0T TSI engines, K-04 or above. These plugs are heat range 8 which is 1 step colder than the stock plugs. The improved throttle response, superior anti-fouling, and high-ignitability makes Iridium IX ideal for the performance enthusiast. Iridium's extremely high melting point is perfectly suited to today's high-temperature engines, delivering outstanding acceleration, fuel efficiency and durability.

  • Fine iridium tip ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark
  • Trivalent metal plating for superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
  • Outstanding acceleration, high fuel efficiency and durability

NGK BKR8EIX Sparkplug Vehicle Fitment:

For Vehicles equipped with K-04 turbo or larger

NGK BKR8EIX Plug Manufacturing:
NGK sparkplugs are made in Japan using a pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator surrounding a copper core. The core transitions to a taper cut iridium center electrode which transfers the spark energy to a nickel-alloy ground electrode.

NGK BKR8EIX Sparkplug Install:
For the applications listed above, the sparkplug gap should be very carefully reduced to .024" from the factory .032" when using an APR tune (Non-APR Tunes may have other recommendations). A 5/8" spark plug socket will be needed for installation.

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