Neuspeed 22.10.68 Engine Torque Arm Insert Audi and Volkswagen

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The Neuspeed 22.10.68 Torque Arm Insert is a urethane insert that fills the voids in the OEM rubber engine mount bushing. While the soft factory bushings do a good job of damping engine vibration, they also create a rubbery, vague response in the vehicle's powertrain due to engine movement. The Neuspeed insert stiffens up the torque arm bushing to improve throttle response and shift feel.

Neuspeed 22.10.68 Torque Arm Insert Vehicle Fitment:

Urethane is not as compliant as rubber. As a result, you may notice a slight increase in ride harshess and engine vibration after installation. Not recommeded for TDI vehicles.

Neuspeed Torque Arm Insert Manufacturing:
The Neuspeed torque arm insert is made in the USA from 65A hardness Urethane.

Neuspeed Insert Install:
Installation takes about 30-60 minutes and is completely reversible.

Neuspeed warranty terms can be found at
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1 Review

Rob Mar 2nd 2018


HUGE difference, no more wheel hop, straight to the ground power. Easy power for 40.00 bucks, get one you won't regret it.

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