SuperPro KIT5239K Full Performance Bushing Kit VW

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SuperPro KIT5239K Bushing Vehicle Kit

This kit has all the essential bushes needed to effectively increase the handling performance of a modified vehicle. Ideally suited as an entry level kit for a modified vehicle with Bigger wheels or tires, brakes and lowered suspension. Kit contains: Front Control Arm Lower-Inner Front Bushing Kit. Front Control Arm Lower-Inner Rear Anti Lift Bushing Kit - Performance Option. Front Torque Arm Lower Insert Bushing Kit - Performance Option. Rear Control Arm Upper-Inner Bushing Kit. Rear Control Arm Upper-Outer Bushing Kit. Rear Control Arm Lower-Inner Front Bush Kit. Rear Control Arm Lower-Front Outer Bushing Kit. Rear Control Arm Lower-Rear Inner Bushing Kit. Rear Control Arm Lower-Rear Outer Bushing Kit. Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushing Kit.

Included Components: 24 Bushings, 6 Shells, 16 Tubes, 2 Washers

All SuperPro Suspension Bushings, Sway Bars and Suspension Arms are covered by a Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser and includes off-road, track and competition use. Ball Joints & Tie Rod Ends - are covered by a 3 Year/60000km Warranty.
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