SuperPro SPF0152K Lower Trailing Arm Bushing Kit Rover and Toyota

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SuperPro SPF0152K bushings fit different positions depending on the application, Rover and Chaser - rear trailing arm, Corona - front strut bar.

As the OEM rubber trailing arm bushings deteriorate they induce undesirable characteristics into the handling of your vehicle. The trailing arm bushes stabilize the forward and aft movement of the axle. As these bushings wear they impart steering angles on the vehicle causing it to wander all over the road and make the vehicle subject to unintended and sometimes severe directional changes under braking. Lifting a vehicle also lifts the center of gravity, in turn inducing greater forces on the suspension, requiring a more resilient suspension bushing in every location to control the alignment of the suspension arms. SuperPro bushings are more durable and give more positive arm location than the OEM rubber bushings, resulting in a vehicle that gives you confidence in the stability and handling.

Strut bars control the fore and aft positioning of the lower control arms. Rubber bushings allow the control arm to shift forwards and rearwards under load, lowering responsiveness and driver control. Worn bushings make the problem even worse and can add unwanted noise as well. SuperPro bushings are more durable and give more positive location than rubber bushings, delivering crisp handling and improved control due to more consistent alignment geometry under load.

Included Components: 4 Bushings

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