Unitronic TCU Software Flash Tuning MQB DQ250 6-Speed DSG Audi VW

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Unitronic's Performance Software for the MQB DSG will deliver a complete night and day driving experience. With two Stages (Stage 1 & 2), Unitronic's Performance Software for the MQB DSG is precisely re-calibrated to ensure shift points in Drive and Sport mode are aligned with increased output and powerband of a Unitronic tuned engine to ensure maximum acceleration, deliver lightning fast gear changes to gain valuable time during acceleration, and raises TCU torque limitations to ensure the TCU does not intervene during acceleration. Unitronic's Performance Software for the MQB DSG will allow drivers to feel more connected to the vehicle and will experience a total transformation in the driving experience.

Stage 1 Features:

  • Quicker Gear Shifts
    Up to 70% quicker gear shifting
  • Optimized Drive and Sport modes
    Drive tuned for everyday daily driving and economy, Sport tuned for acceleration
  • Dual Setpoint Adjustable Launch Control
    Allows driver to select one of two launch control RPM setpoints based on pedal position
  • Gear display enabled in Drive and Sport mode
    Displays the currently selected gear in both Drive and Sport mode on the Virtual Cockpit / MFD

Stage 2 Adds:

  • Raised Torque Limiters
    Increases TCU torque limiters to allow for increased engine output
  • Increased Clutch Clamping Pressure
    Clutch clamping pressure increased to ensure that the clutches properly grip

Unitronic DQ250 6-sp TCU Upgrade Vehicle Fitment:

Installation can be performed at our facility by appointment, just give us a call at 425-895-0000 or email Service@Achtuning.com to schedule. The TCU can be programmed in around 60 minutes, no TCU removal or soldering is required.

Self installation is possible with the purchase of a Unitronic UniCONNECT+ Cable and the use of a Windows 10+ PC or Laptop.

Unitronic offers a hassle free, no questions asked 15-day Satisfaction Guarantee on its Performance Software.
Unitronic TCU Upgrade DQ250 MQB
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