Even the best vehicles can be improved upon. Production vehicles always have trade-offs of performance and price. Making your car the way you want it to be is our specialty! We only sell parts we can stand behind 100%, from manufacturers that support their products 100%. Achtuning offers installation service on the parts we sell and sometimes even on parts we don't sell. Our technicians are well versed in installation of aftermarket parts for brakes, drivetrain, engine, exhaust, or suspension systems.


We warranty labor for parts purchased from and installed by Achtuning for 12 months / 12,000 miles. We offer installation of customer supplied parts on a case by case basis. In these situations we can neither warranty the product or the installation.


"This is the way to run a business. These guys are honest, smart, very friendly and answered all my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend Achtuning to anyone. AWE dual quad tip exhaust on my Audi A5 looks and sounds awesome. Zach in particular is outstanding and helped me figure out the details for my car. Can't wait to go back for the APR tune on my car. Thx Achtuning!"

- Tim Knott

"I found out about Achtuning through a friend and fellow car enthusiast. After the initial upgrade on my Audi S5, I was absolutely hooked. Kelly and his staff are knowledgeable, thorough and incredibly nice. To say that they know their stuff is an absolute understatement - these guys are car magicians, or super robots made by aliens :). This is a staff of professionals that is several cuts above everyone else. The difference maker for me, however, isn't just the performance stuff they sell for high end cars. It's the way they take care of you as a customer. I've taken my car in for issues that had nothing to do with performance, and they diagnosed and fixed it quickly and in one instance only charging me for a part, and the second instance, after a horrible experience at a car service chain, they were able to save my oil pan and get me out with just a minor repair. If you own a German car and are fortunate enough to be nearby Achtuning, you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't pay these guys a visit. Flat-out the best in the business."

- Nick Ciubotariu

"These guys are everything you want from a Mod Shop and a Dealership. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff who will listen to, advise and take care of your needs. One of the, if not the Best experiences I had at any car shop. Never pushed me to make any unnecessary purchase. Advised me against making unnecessary purchases. Addressed each and every question of mine - with a Smile. They are the only certified APR Dealers in the Greater Seattle Area but they still look after each and every customer like they mean it. I wouldn't take my ride anywhere else. PERIOD."

- Shah P


Interested in an installation? You can reach one of Achtuning's Service Advisors by calling 425-895-0000, or emailing