Achtuning utilizes a Hunter HawkEye Elite Alignment System, which features four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of targets mounted to each individual wheel.

The HawkEye Elite Alignment System provides precise measurements for camber, caster, toe, and thrust angle. Once the baseline data is recorded, adjustments are made to your vehicle's suspension components to correctly bring the alignment back within factory, street performance, or track specifications.


Many modern vehicles come straight from the factory with alignment specifications way out of whack. Utilizing the highest quality alignment systems allows us to adjust suspension settings with precision, promoting longevity of your tires, better fuel economy and a better handling vehicle.

  • Improved Handling - Even if your car isn't pulling to one side or in need of constant steering inputs to keep it traveling in a straight line, the handling benefits of a proper alignment can be drastic.
  • Increased Tire Life - Most tires are replaced sooner than necessary due to excessive or uneven tire wear from an improper wheel alignment. A professional wheel alignment by Achtuning can remedy incorrect camber and toe settings, prolonging the life of your tires and saving you money in the long run.
  • Better Fuel Economy - Improper alignment can result in increased rolling resistance, which can significantly decrease fuel efficiency. A proper alignment will correct this issue, positively impacting gas mileage.
  • Alignment Correction on Lowered Vehicles - Lowered vehicles require a custom alignment - often involving additional parts - in order to bring the wheel alignment back into specification. Achtuning technicians are trained to align vehicles with lowering springs and coilovers to optimize handling and performance.


In order to get the most out of your vehicle in the handling department, aftermarket suspension upgrades are a must. Springs, coilovers, control arms and many other suspension bits require an alignment after installation. Our performance alignments are the best around, and we'll provide you with a print out of the alignment specs afterwards to prove it!


Looking for a custom alignment for the street or track? We can help! While the factory-specified ranges for alignment are ideal for street driving, Achtuning can help optimize your vehicle's alignment for your driving preferences or track application.

Custom alignments that fall outside of the factory-specified ranges are available and often encouraged as they can provide a higher level of accuracy than required and delivered by the manufacturer.


Corner Balancing is the process of adjusting the spring perches on the vehicle to equalize the cross weights (Right Front + Left Rear = Left Front + Right Rear) in order to provide equal handling during left and right turns. This is only possible on vehicles with adjustable ride heights such as those equipped with coilovers or springs with adjustable perches (H&R VTF, KW HAS etc.) We place an equivalent driver weight in the drivers seat during corner balancing to account for the actual weight that the car will see in use.


Interested in an alignment or corner balance? You can reach one of Achtuning's Service Advisors by calling 425-895-0000, or emailing