APR CI100033 Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake Volkswagen

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Add a CI100033A Hose Kit
Add a CI100020A Breather Filter
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The APR Carbon Fiber Intake System is an attractive high performance upgrade that increases performance primarily by improving mass airflow through the system while still proving adequate filtration. The APR intake system gains up to 17 HP and 14 TQ on a stage 1 APR tuned car on 93 octane fuel and offers a more direct and responsive feel.

Unlike traditional open element filters, the APR intake design only pulls air from the leading edge of the vehicles hood. In doing so, it draws air from an area of relatively high pressure. As the vehicle increases in speed, pressure continues to build and ultimately aids in the intakes effectiveness. The APR filter housing was shaped into a reducing spiral, or volute, which uses the inertia of the air entering the system to increase pressure on the outside of the filter. This creates an even pressure distribution across the entire face of the filter, rather than only a few key spots, and as such, maximizes utilization of the filtration element.

APR CI100033 Carbon Fiber Intake System Vehicle Fitment:

Vehicles equipped with secondary air injection (SAI) require a CI100020A breather filter.

* GLI requires CI100033-E Adapter Bracket

APR CI100033 Manufacturing:
The APR Intake is constructed of 2x2 weave carbon fiber and incorporates a pleated cotton filter.

APR CI100033 Installation

The intake system comes preassembled from APR ready to be installed in minutes with minimal tools. With the factory unit removed, the intake slips into place and connects to the factory turbo inlet pipe using the OEM hardware without filling the engine bay with additional couplers and hose clamps.

Tools and supplies needed:

  • T25 screwdriver
  • pliers
  • cable tie
  • flathead screwdriver

APR products are warranted to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship prior to installation. This warranty does not cover labor, misuse, faulty installation, failure of related parts or parts purchased other than from APR, LLC. This warranty extends to the original purchaser for as long as they own the vehicle and the APR product.
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