APR MS100135 Supercharger Pulley Audi 3.0T

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The APR MS100135 Supercharger Pulley Upgrades dramatically increase horsepower and torque by increasing the rotational speed of the factory supercharger. APRs Supercharger Drive Pulley decreases the diameter of the factory supercharger pulley from ~63.25mm to 57.75mm, which in turn spins the supercharger ~9.5% faster. This results in a healthy bump in horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range.

APRs Stage II ECU Upgrade makes the necessary engine management adjustments to handle the increased supercharger speeds, and in turn allows the engine to create more power. The Supercharger and Crank pulleys are sold separately, allowing for multiple levels of performance, each of which builds upon the other.

APR 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Drive Pulley Fitment:

APR 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Drive Pulley Manufacturing:
The pulley is CNC machined from billet stainless steel, e-coated black for an OEM appearance and is press fitted to the factory supercharger unit.

APR 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Drive Pulley Install:
Installation of the APR Pulley typically takes about 3 hours. Professional installation recommended.

Recommended for optimal performance:

  • NGK BKR9EIX plugs gapped @ .024 +/- .002 torqued to 30Nm
  • APR CPS supercharger cooling upgrade *required with dual pulleys (IATs must be below 75c to achieve advertised power figures)
  • A high flow intake system
  • Removal of the intake snow screen

APR pulleys are warranted to be free from defects in the materials and workmanship prior to installation. This warranty does not cover labor, misuse, faulty installation, failure of related parts or parts purchased other than from APR, LLC. This warranty extends to the original purchaser for as long as they own the vehicle and the pulley.
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