APR TCU Software Flash Tuning Audi DL501 7-Speed DSG


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The APR TCU Upgrade enhances the operation of the DSG transmission in all aspects. The short-shift and 7th gear seeking behavior is eliminated, instead, shift points are optimized for maximum acceleration. Under part-throttle daily-driving in both Drive and Sport mode, the transmission remains calm and smooth. In addition the RPM limit is raised to 7,200 RPM to unlock additional HP, even on cars with just a stage 1 tune this can give a 20-20 HP benefit.
Finally, a user definable launch control system is enabled which allows a 3 step launch RPM based on pedal position. In addition the launch control limit is raised from 200 times to 3,000 times.

Extra Features:

  • 7,200 max shift point with gear dependent overshoot protection.
  • User adjustable 3-Step multiple launch control RPM.
  • User definable* max launch control RPM up to 6,000 RPM.
  • User definable* manual mode downshifts (on/off).
  • User definable* manual mode upshifts (on/off).
  • Launch control enabled on all models.
  • Launch control response enhanced for quicker launches.
  • Launch control limits raised from 200 to 3000 launches.
  • Launch control Max acceleration mode enabled.
  • Multiple acceleration modes defined for various driving scenarios.
  • Manual mode / TT mode paddle response time optimized.
  • Manual mode / TT mode shift optimized with gear dependent thresholds on Gen 2/B8.5 Models.
  • Torque intervention limits raised, while retaining temperature protection.
  • Temperature management modified.
  • Transmission coolant pump optimized during high temp scenarios.
  • Gear display enabled in Drive and Sport.
  • Optimized Drive and Sport mode shift maps.
  • Downshift "lockout" disabled below previous gear's max RPM.
  • First gear, rolling-stop, "clunk" addressed.
  • First gear "short shift" addressed.

APR Audi DL501 TCU Upgrade Vehicle Fitment:

Installation can be performed at our facility by appointment, just give us a call at 425-895-0000 or email Service@Achtuning.com to schedule. With APR's DirectPort TCU tuning the TCU can be programmed in around 60 minutes, no TCU removal or soldering is required.

All APR TCU software comes with lifetime free updates (labor charges may apply). APR provides a lifetime warranty against defects in the software. All APR ECU upgrades have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
APR TCU Upgrade DL501
Please contact us to schedule your appointment, installation takes about an hour.
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