Achtuning A3 Project Update - Motor #2 is in!

"Motor #2", you ask?

Here sat the Achtuning Audi A3 project as we had pulled it out for its maiden voyage with the completion of the S3 Conversion to the 2.0T engine. We wanted to make sure it was properly warmed up before seeing how much power the turbo upgrade would produce.

Unfortunately our test-run didn't last long...

It seems the high-mileage motor in the A3 we picked up wasn't a clean-slate, "blank canvas" as we had hoped after all as it gave up on us within 5-minutes of our run. As we knew there had to be underlying issues with the motor in our A3, we decided to pull it.

We found unusually excessive carbon build-up on the valves along with a few other things we noticed indicating this motor had been tampered with before - and not necessarily in a good way.

Despite the small hiccup, we're moving forward with the A3 project but with a slightly different direction this time. We're building up two motors for this A3 now, one to continue our "Edition 30"/S3 Conversion and another, more powerful motor. It's been (thankfully) a busy couple of weeks since and despite our hectic schedule, we're pleased with the progress of our Achtuning A3 project. Everything that was added to engine number-one as far as the S3-Conversion has been reinstalled on engine number-two.

Today we've got the front end all wrapped up and we'll begin to work on other areas of the car. We also had to take our Neuspeed P-Flow and modify it due to the relocation of the electronic DV (diverter valve) on the S3-conversion.

We still have quite a ways to go but considering circumstances we couldn't be in a better position.