Achtuning and RWB Seattle

By now, the Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) name has spread world-wide and we'd trust most of our followers have at least seen if not heard of an RWB Porsche 911. Akira Nakai of Chiba - suburb of Tokyo, Japan, is the "legend" behind the RWB name and world-wide traveler who creates, shapes, and molds these projects for Porsche owners daring enough to cut up a perfectly good 930, 964, or 993 Porsche 911 and take it to extreme levels. We'll spare you the history lesson as you can find a lot about the RWB builds online and immerse yourself in hours of entertainment and information if you haven't already. This is what we're really excited about...

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Achtuning has been given the honor and opportunity to play part in the first RWB Seattle build by supplying it's owner with performance enhancements he'll need to toss his RWB Porsche, named "Meguri Ai" by Nakai-san himself, around our local tracks! StopTech "Trophy" Big Brake calipers will find themselves behind a set of ridiculously deep-dished Work wheels while H&R RSS coil-overs with complimenting swaybars and Tarett Engineering adjustable end-links will keep things planted while the car is driven to it's limits. We couldn't be more excited about this very special, local project and eager to see Meguri Ai's debut. Stay tuned!!