AKG Subframe Reinforcement Plates For BMW (E36/46) 3-Series

AKG Motorsport subframe reinforcement plates are available right here at Achtuning for your BMW (E36/46) 3-Series!

Stress cracks in this M3's body are the unfortunate result of the rear subframe design that bolts it right into thin sheet metal and is a common problem for E36 (non M)/E46 3-series BMWs, especially when they get put through their paces. See our process on reinforcing the M3's body with AKG's plates below.

The 4 points where the rear subframe attaches to (and eventually cracks) the body are cleaned and prepped after identifying the cracks.

AKG Motorsport subframe reinforcement plates welded in place.

AKG Motorsport subframe reinforcement plates sealed and painted prior to rear subframe reinstallation.

While the rear subframe is out, we are installing AKG Motorsport rear subframe bushings and rear trailing arm bushings to replace old, worn stock parts.

Concerned about the condition of your BMW? Give the Achtuning service department a call at 425-895-0000 and let's get it checked out!