Haldex Upgrade for Achtuning Golf R

We've just received the Gen4 Switchable Stock/Race/Eco Haldex Controller and immediately installing it in the Achtuning VW Mk6 Golf R to try out for our next track session this weekend. Haldex-based all wheel drive systems monitor ABS speed sensors, throttle input, steering angle, etc. to anticipate and distribute torque transfer from the engine to the drive-line. Haldex upgrades such as the one we are installing will allow us to select a pre-programmed setting which will alter the time in which the system reacts to these dynamic changes, creating a more aggressive handling characteristic. The included wireless remote and receiver will allow us to engage the 3 pre-programmed settings described below.

Eco: Eco mode was developed for increased fuel efficiency. Its purpose is to reduce the torque transfer from front to rear during normal highway driving (coasting), but will immediately engage the system if a wheel starts to slip to prevent decreased traction situations.

Stock: As you'd expect, a standard mode that is similar to the original setting in the vehicle.

Race: Race mode will unleash further potential as it provides faster reaction time to vehicle inputs in the AWD communication system, and allows for even greater amounts of torque transfer to the rear axle.