Have we shown you the Hartmann HRS6-204s yet?

We did? Oh... well I guess we have to apologize then as we can't seem to get enough of it! The new C6 RS6 style, the Hartmann HRS6-204-GS is a unique style that we had to see on yet another local car. We asked Corey to come in so we could borrow his Audi B6 A4 and test-fit the Hartmann HRS6-204-GS wheels seeing as how the stance on his car would really set things off! The stance, car, and wheel combo did not disappoint!

Came out great, didn't it? We think Corey's old 19" HR8-GS:M wheels will be up for sale now... Wheels are in stock, ready to ship! Call 425-895-0000 now and place your order.