Introducing The NEW Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M Wheel

In May of 2008 we asked local Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts about a possible new wheel style we had considered adding to the Hartmann Wheel line-up. It was clearly a hit but priorities meant we had to put the idea on hold for a bit. Since then we had seen similar styles pop up from other brands and it was clear the automotive industry was embracing the once popular mesh style from the early 80's.

Our German partners were recently asked to produce a high quality, TUV approved wheel in the design we once asked about and we jumped at the opportunity to add the retro-styled, German-quality wheel to the Hartmann line-up. While we might be a bit late to the game, we are proud to announce the latest addition to the Hartmann family - the HLP-410-GS:M wheel!

In similar Hartmann fashion, the low-pressure heat treated cast wheel is painted a high-gloss silver then diamond-cut machined on the face. A clear-coat completes the process for a durable, lasting finish! Current sizes are 19x8.5 with either a +38 or +45mm offset - available to fit most of the Audi and Volkswagen models and they weigh 27 lbs.