Less Is More

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Porsche Club of America in 2006, Porsche built 50 911 Carrera S "Club Coupes" that would be available for sale only to club members. 1 example sits in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart and of the 49 examples spread throughout North America, two are owned by local Washington State residents! All 50 examples received the same gorgeous and unique color of Azurro California Blue Metallic, a 3.8L X51 engine pushing 381 hp, a sport-tuned exhaust system, and a carbon fiber air intake system to name a few key elements that separate these cars from your standard Carrera S. The only thing it lacked was a set of H&R spacers!!

Taking into consideration the amount of suspension travel the car will still have at its current ride height, and using a simple technique to measure wheel spacing thanks to H&R, it was determined the 7mm spacers out back would even out the front-to-rear stance difference the car came with from the factory. Less is indeed more, as the very subtle wider track on this Porsche has it sitting proper!