Reinforcing The BMW E36 Body & Chassis

We continue to stock and install AKG Motorsport subframe reinforcement plates at Achtuning! Scott's got his BMW E36 328is track car with us to eliminate stress cracks we found in the under-body of his 3-series, the unfortunate result of the rear subframe design that bolts it right into thin sheet metal and is a common problem for E36 (non M)/E46 3-series BMWs, especially when they get put through their paces.

But we didn't stop there. With the rear subframe out we made sure to also add AKG Motorsport's rear differential mounts, rear subframe bushings, rear trailing arm pocket reinforcement plates, sway bar bracket reinforcement plates, rear trailing arm bushings, and SPC's rear adjustable control arms.

Concerned about your E36 (non M) or E46 and how its shell has held up over time? Call us at ACHTUNING (425-895-0000) and schedule an inspection!