SPC xAxis™ Adjustable Upper Control Arms

SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kits allow ±1.5° camber or caster change on a wide range of Audi and VW models. These arms directly replace the factory fixed length arms, allowing for easy adjustments after installation.

These performance sets of fully adjustable upper links contain the new xAxis™ Sealed Flex Joint to eliminate bushing deflection and maximize handling response. The 6061-T6 forged aluminum ends with large 18mm threaded adjuster links make this the strongest kit available. The kit contains a pair of arms with maintenance free ball joints which will adjust one corner, two kits are required to cover the entire vehicle. To order online, simply click the links below.

SPC xAxis™ Adjustable Upper Control Arm: Audi (B5-B7), and C5
SPC xAxis™ Adjustable Upper Control Arm: Audi (B8)

*NOTE: This is a performance part; if OE type noise isolation levels are desired use SPC's 81353 or 81363 arm sets.