Stop, drop, and roll!

Last Friday we threw on the H&R Premium Coil-Over Suspension on each corner of the Achtuning A3 project, bringing the car closer to the ground where it belongs. More importantly, we will be able to handle local roads and tracks with ease and hug the 19" Hartmann Forged Split-7 Wheels with the better performing suspension.

We've also got a new Stern rear sub frame brace we're testing out. This triangular piece mounts between the rear control arms with no extra drilling or modification and offers better handling and steering response in cornering. We'll add a A3 rear anti-roll bar the next chance we get to further eliminate body roll and try to neutralize some of the A3's under-steer characteristics.

We took her out for a spin and the motor is putting down some good power! Clearly the stock 17s with all-season tires weren't going to cut it and we immediately noticed severe brake fade after a few hard runs so brakes were definitely going to be the next order of business.

The StopTech 328x28mm, 4-piston A3 Big Brake Kit ended up on the car yesterday and looks fantastic with the red and black H&R suspension components!

Brake clearance was tight with the new 4-piston calipers but it was just enough to make things fit the way it needed...

We're still undecided on the final wheel finish so for now we'll keep them polished. Front bumper is also back on and a Votex kit might be the next thing added to our Achtuning A3 project.