StopTech AeroRotor Replacement Rotor Ring Pair for StopTech BBK kits

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The ability to absorb and dissipate heat is essential to brake system performance. The patented StopTech AeroRotor features uniquely designed curved vanes with innovations on leading and trailing edges to optimize airflow through the rotor.

StopTech Aerorotors are user servicable, replacement ring pairs include attachment hardware.

StopTech Aerorotor Manufacturing:
StopTech AeroRotors are 100% made in the USA from a proprietary alloy chemistry which results in a friction ring with added crack resistance as well as improved functionality. A zinc coating can be added for corrosion protection on the unswept areas of the rotor.

StopTech Aerorotor Installation:
A 4mm Allen wrench is needed for the drive pins, 290 Loctite will be needed to lock the new drive pin threads. Aerorotor replacement instructions

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