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Velocity AP VEL-AUDI3.0CRANKPULLEY205 Crank Pulley Audi 3.0T

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The Velocity AP VEL-AUDI3.0CRANKPULLEY205 Supercharger Crank Pulley Upgrade increases the diameter of the factory pulley from ~162mm to ~205mm, which in turn spins the supercharger faster. This results in a larger bump in horsepower and torque across the entire RPM range. The3 Velocity AP 205mm crank pulley achieves the desired pressure ratio without any worries about trashing belts. It also drops 6lbs of rotating mass for improved throttle response.

Velocity AP 3.0 TFSI Crank Pulley Fitment:

Velocity AP 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Drive Pulley Manufacturing:
The Velocity AP Crank pulley is CNC machined from light weight billet aluminum with weight saving pockets throughout and features an anodized black finish.

Velocity AP 3.0 TFSI Crank Pulley Install:
Installation of the Velocity AP Pulley typically takes about 3 hours. Professional installation recommended.

Recommended for optimal performance:

  • NGK BKR9EIX plugs gapped @ .024 +/- .002 torqued to 30Nm
  • Velocity AP CPS supercharger cooling upgrade (IATs must be below 75c)
  • A high flow intake system
  • Removal of the intake snow screen

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