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AWE Tuning 2010-11010 DV1 Diverter Valve Audi and Volkswagen 1.8T

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Wondering where your boost went? Power delivery not as smooth as it used to be? Most likely your engine's diverter valve is to blame.

A diverter valve (DV) is a pathway for boost when it is not being used by your engine. Whenever the throttle body is closed, like during shifts or deceleration, the boost needs an escape route. If the boost cannot escape during these times, it can back up and cause shocks to the turbo. These shocks will stall the turbo, slowing boost production upon re-acceleration (turbo lag). Even worse, these shocks can cause damage to the turbo. The diverter valve's job is to open when the throttle body is closing or closed, and reroute the boost to the low pressure intake side of the turbo, where it can do no harm.

AWE Tuning 2010-11010 DV1 Diverter Valve Vehicle Fitment:
The AWE Tuning 2010-11010 Performance Diverter Valve will fit the following vehicles.

  • Audi B5 A4 1.8T
  • Audi B6 A4 1.8T
  • Audi MkI TT 1.8T

AWE Tuning 2010-11010 Performance Diverter Valve Install:
Install of the AWE DV1 is a simple 30-60 minute install procedure. Please observe all safety precautions and follow proper installation guidelines while working on your vehicle.

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