ACHTUN!NG Project A3 2.0T FSI

Introducing this Brilliant Red 2006 Audi A3, Achtuning has a lot in store for this new project. This base-model A3 is the perfect blank canvas for us to begin with, equipped with the 2.0T FSI motor and a 6-speed manual transmission. The lack of an open-sky feature means this thing will be better equipped to handle the track with less weight and body flex.

The Audi A3 has graced North American roads since 2006, and you'd wonder why we would choose a 3-year old car to begin a project like this - especially when so many properly modified examples roam our highways already. Many companies will opt to pick out the latest offerings by a manufacturer to be the first to mod it - after all, being the first to successfully modify a new vehicle puts you a step ahead of your competition. The first Audi A3s to hit US roads are now running past their factory warranties, which makes deciding on a turbo upgrade much easier to swallow. Pricing for an A3 is now very close to it's step-brother (the VW GTI) especially since many of these are coming out of the very popular 3-year lease program Audi had offered. With as many performance modifications that will cross-over between the GTI and A3, the decision to go A3 was a "no-brainer" as it gives a bit more bang-for-buck over it's VW counterpart.

We'll be selecting the APR K-04 kit as our weapon-of-choice for our A3. This should take our current 200hp and 207lb-ft Transverse 2.0T FSI Engine to 355 horsepower and 368lb-ft of torque (on 100 octane gas) with all of the necessary OEM components from the European Audi S3 and APR’s FSI High Pressure Fuel Pump with meticulously re-calibrated Engine Management! Instead of building a high-horsepower, "balls to the wall" project car we felt that picking modifications that are easily within the reach of our most common enthusiast would be best and show-case a car with every-day dependable upgrades. This A3 is a great platform to show off those reliable, daily-driven modifications you can pick up at Achtuning.

A suspension upgrade will follow shortly after, so we can get rid of the nasty wheel gap these NA-spec cars come equipped with and improve over-all stance, but more importantly so we can reduce body roll by lowering the car's center of gravity. We'll have the car wrap some 19" forged Hartmann Split-7s which are 19x8 and a 45mm offset - we're still undecided on the final finish. As we progress with our new project, we'll keep you updated here so check back soon!!