Bird's Reflex Silver Golf R

Bird brought us his Reflex Silver VW Mk7 Golf R for some suspension upgrades. While our neighbors up North in Canada get this color option standard there are only 4 or 5 here in the U.S. We're told this vehicle used to be one of VW's press vehicles and ended up at Auburn VW where Bird picked it up when he traded in his Golf TDI.

We installed VWR Sport Springs, SuperPro control arm bushings and rear sway bar links, an H&R rear sway bar, and 034 Motorsport rear subframe inserts.

We also wrapped some tires around a set of Work VSXX wheels Bird had refinished after taking them off his old Golf TDI.

... and performed a post suspension install alignment to finish things up.

These are upgrades we keep in stock at Achtuning so if you want to upgrade the suspension on your Golf R, give our sales guys a call!