We Extend Our Thanks

We'd like to take this opportunity to extend a big "Thanks!" to the manufacturers whose high quality performance parts and technical support have contributed to an incredible 9-month journey since we took delivery of the Achtuning VW Mk6 Golf R this last January. APR, H&R, StopTech, and Falken Tire products have been pushed to the extreme and they continue to hold their own!

Wasting no time, we immediately enhanced our Golf R's potential by upgrading the suspension with H&R front and rear anti-sway bars and their Premium coil-over kit, eventually upgrading to track-spec RSS Club Sport coil-overs. Power levels were increased with an APR ECU tune, intake, high pressure fuel pump, and exhaust to keep us content through the winter months while we familiarized ourselves with the car on track. Then it was really time to get down to business. The arrival of APR's "Stage 4" turbo-charger system with the high-flow head, built engine, and inter-cooler had created an almost untamable monster had it not been for the StopTech 355mm ST40 Trophy big brake kit and Falken RT-615K tires keeping it all within controllable reason... And we're still not done! Stay tuned for continued progress on the Achtuning VW Mk6 Golf R project!